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Stilo is the AI-powered journal that accelerates growth through wisdom and recommendations. It gets to know you over time, unlocking insights that no other tool can match.

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Philosophy of

What if a journal could ask probing questions? What if it understood the philosophy of happiness and was well-read in literature? Instead of repetitive, cliché prompts, Stilo gets to know you deeply and helps shape conversations to drive real results, leaning on historical and modern wisdom.

Personal prompts

Stilo retains the context of your entire journaling history, generating ever-more-insightful questions and recommendations.


Actionable insights

A journal no longer has to be just a basic repository for your thoughts. Stilo connects the dots to surface useful insights, every day.

Next steps

High performers need more than just obvious, one-size-fits-all advice. As you write, Stilo will recommend books, podcast episodes, and insightful quotes to help you dig deeper.


Moments of magic

Unearth deeper insights. Pull a tarot card and talk about what it means. Analyze a dream to get to know your subconscious.


Seriously private

All your data is encrypted, in transit and at rest, so your journal entries are viewable by you, and you alone.


People love Stilo

“Stilo helped me organize my thoughts and felt like an interactive journaling process which was really helpful.”

— Kelby Kupersmid

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“Stilo remembers what I've said before and refers back to it. What journal does that?!”

— Neil Gaudet

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